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Redondo Beach Learning Academy

Vision and Mission

The primary vision of Redondo Beach Learning Academy (RBLA) is to ensure equal access to a quality standards based curriculum and to provide preparation to meet the assessment requirements all students must attain, as well as, to excite, motivate, and support the students’ quest for education. The ultimate vision is to prepare students for a seamless re-entry into high school as each individual completes a high school program that is comparable to any RBUSD student’s educational preparation. Excellent attendance, educational success, and improved behavior are the main foci of the RBLAs program.


The mission of the RBLA is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to access an educational program whose content is rigorously equal to the coursework offered to all high school students in Redondo Beach Unified School District regardless of race, color, creed, language ability, socioeconomic status, physical ability, and other challenges experienced by teens in the 21st Century. To provide a challenging academic curriculum, pro-social skills, and resiliency training to high-risk youth referred by expulsion or a School Attendance Review Board. The students, staff, and parents of the RBLA work as a team to promote growth and pride in learning. We believe that every student can learn and should be challenged to achieve his/her potential regardless of their previous academic performance, family background, or socioeconomic status in a positive school environment.


RBLA Community Day School

The RBLA Community Day School is a school for students who have been expelled from school or who have had problems with attendance or behavior.

RBLA serves troubled students in many ways. We offer challenging classes and teach important skills. We have a teacher, counselor, and two instructional aides who assist students.


Program Information

RBLA serves mandatory and other expelled students, students referred by a School Attendance Review Board, and other high-risk youths. The 360-minute minimum instructional day includes academic programs that provide challenging curriculum and individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities. The RBLA programs also focus on the development of pro-social skills and student self-esteem and resiliency. Students benefit from learning support services that include school counselors, psychologists, and other support personnel. Students at RBLA also receive collaborative services from county offices of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency personnel who work with at-risk youth. RBLA is supported by supplemental apportionment for community day school attendance, in addition to base revenue funding (EC Section 46300[a]).