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Building a Strengths Generation

Research shows that students who focus on their unique strengths become more engaged in their education and community. Redondo Shores took note and adopted a plan of action.  Through the school wide implementation of the Strengths Generation curriculum, students are becoming more self-aware as they explore and develop their top 5 attributes. We know that increasing students’ self-awareness will benefit them throughout their future professional and personal lives.


The Strengths Generation curriculum guides students in developing a positive vision for their future and the mindset and resilience to meet their goals. The curriculum begins with an individualized on-line StrengthsFinder® assessment and seminars are presented weekly throughout the year.  English Language Arts teacher, Patrick Vaughan comments, “The students are actually talking about their strengths during class discussions and applying them to issues and challenges in their personal and academic lives.”  The students agree that the program has made a positive impact thus far.  Senior, Austin Gunnell, states “Strengths Academy helps motivate me for my personal goals and aspirations.” Matt Masani adds, “Strengths Academy gives us identity and helps build up our self-esteem.” Madison Campos also believes, “Strengths Academy has us thinking more positively about ourselves.”  Focus on what’s strong, not what's wrong is a common thread embedded in the curriculum and expressed in the statements of the students.  

After just a few months of implementation, students and staff are already reaping the benefits of the program and are proud witnesses to the social emotional growth of the student body.  Looking to the future, everyone agrees that “Students get a competitive edge by learning to apply their strengths in interviews, resumes, application essays, financial planning and working collaboratively.” (2015, December) The program culminates with students creating a practical strengths portfolio that will guide them as they transition to college, trade school and/or careers.